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Item number: ST-AI002

  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
  • 4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits
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4 Channel AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM Kits

1 x 7" HD 1080P Monitor
1 x 4CH SD Carder Mobile DVR
1 x Forward-facing 1080P HD ADAS camera
1 x Driver-facing 1080P HD DSM camera
1 x Side 1080P HD mirror camera
1 x Rear 1080P HD mirror image camera 
1 x Buzzer 

SD carder mobile DVR:
Built-in high performance chipsets
H.264 main profile coding system
4 channels 1080P/720P AHD video recording
4 channels audio recording
Built in GPS, Wifi
Max support: 1x256GB SD Carder
If 3G/4G or Wifi, will match CMS V6 fleet management platform
Or you can building in your owner platform

HD Camera:

1080P or 720P optional
Different Camera models optianl
WDR function for Forward-facing ADAS camera optional
Side Camera for BSD function optional

Extension cable:

Normal match with 2 x 5M + 1x15M 4pin waterproof cable
Different cable size and quantity optional

Model 4 Channel  AI Mobile DVR with ADAS DSM  Kits
Main Processor HI3520DV400/ 98323
Operating System Embedded Linux 
System language Chinese/English, others (Customized)
Video compression format H.264 /H.265
Password Security 2Levels:Administrator or User
Operating Interface GUI, Support mouse and remote control
Video  Video input 4 channels, 1080P/720P AHD video input, aviation interface, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Video output 1 composite video output +VGA output, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω, support 1 full screen and 4/9 split
Signal system PAL@100 frame/s 1080P  NTSC@120 frame/s 1080P
Image display Single/QUAD display optional
Video Resolution Support 1080P, 720P, D1, HD1, CIF optional
Maximum support 4 channels 1080P or 720P
Video quality Class 1-8 optional
Recording Method Default automatic recording, support ignition recording, manual recording, alarm recording, etc.
Audio Audio input 4 channels, aviation head interface, external call handle input
Audio output 1 way, front headphone jack output and rear extension interface cable output
Compression format G.726 compression format, rate 8KB/s
Storage Size 1GB per hour (1080P)
0.5GB per hour (720P)
Alarm input 4 digital inputs
Alarm Output 2 -way switch output, linked audible and visual alarm, oil and power off, etc.
Communication interface (choose one) Support externally connected devices (such as oil sense, TTS, GPS, ADAS, DSM, advertising LED screen, etc...)
1 way 485 interface, expandable PTZ
Wireless transmission Support built-in 3G wireless transmission function, WCDMA, CDMA2000,
TD-SCDMA compatible GPRS, EDGE
Built-in 4G wireless transmission function, TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE
Positioning Support built-in GPS/BD module, can report to the department standard platform
Disk SD card Max 256G 
Upgrade method USB disk/Wireless network/SD card
FTP remote automatic upgrade
Storage method Exclusive proprietary bare disk storage method
AI ADAS Lane departure warning
Pedestrian detection warning
Vehicle distance detection and warning
DSM Smoking detection alarm
Call detection and alarm
Face loss detection alarm
Closed eyes detection alarm
 Fatigue driving detection alarm
Lens occlusion detection
Video playback Video search Search video data by recording time, recording method, etc.
Replay Maximum support 4-channel synchronous playback, pause,
fast forward, fast rewind
Support 2, 4, 8, 16 times fast forward or backward
Power Supply Power management Adaptive wide-range power input, with protection functions,such as overload, undervoltage, short circuit, reverse connection, etc.
Support timer switch, delay shutdown function
Power Input  DC:+10V ~ +36V
Power output  +12V@2A+5V@1A
Power consumption Normal working state <5W (without peripherals)
Others Size  Include security cover   153*135*42MM
Net weight 550g

ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System)include:

DSM(Driver Status Monitor)include:

CMS V6 Software and mobile APP fleet management platfrom


Vehicle Install Postion exampled: